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A bio psychosocial based “Learning While FlowDoing”-approach will be updated and presented during 2019. Information about where and when the presentation will be is to be found at this web site.


During 1960-ies I come up with an idea for piano practicing of flow but I did not elaborated it much more due to extreme stress problems during those (many) years (due to very early traumas) which prevent me to continue with my pianistic ambitions. When I now come up with a biopsychosocial idea (now as a PhD in psychology and Professor in Medicinal Engineering) I suddenly realize I was doing almost exactly in the same way as I did in the 1960-ties concerning piano practicing. And moreover, I realized that what I did played at the time was still so many year ago in quite the same shape – I would say much better while today stress is not any problem anymore (due to my personal and professional had working in stress medicine since my Pd H testis 1986).  What is also interesting is that this approach probably can explain while very good pianists and piano teacher can teach “flow” probably not understanding the underlying biopsychosocial mechanisms. If my hypothesis (which shall be confirmed in more individuals than those the few I have so far tested) if right then most pianists would be able to learning “it”!

More is to come …

Bo von Schéele, Ph D in Psychology, Professor in Medicinal Engineering